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V1 Remember back in ‘82, just friends without a clue. 

    Who could know when God was done, two would be one?
    With wedding vows It all began then the car broke down almost did us in.

    But somehow, we made it through to a place called hope like we always do. 

CHORUS 1       And we sang we danced,   we had some sweet romance.
         Through the years we kept that love alive.
         We laughed we cried; with God’s help we survived, Here’s to another 25. 

BR 1 Can’t forget that night we talked until 4 a.m.
         Goin’ down that street was bittersweet   But we found our way again. 

 V2 Now here we are three times blessed; they fill our hearts with thankfulness <giggle> 

       And I’m grateful for, all you gave, To make them who they are today. And

       As they go out on their own, In our hearts they’ll have a home. And

       Through it all with God to trust; they can make it just like us.   


CHORUS 2      And they’ll sing they’ll dance, Let’s pray they find romance.

               And through the years, they keep that love alive 

               They’ll laugh and cry; with God’s love they’ll survive; Here’s to another 25. 

BR 2    I know someday this earthly time will end. 

              But I have faith God has a place where we will live again.   Till then,

    Let’s laugh let’s cry, until we say goodbye.   Here’s to another 25.

              Let’s keep that love alive. Here’s to another twenty five.