Markus Of Grafton


Markus Of Grafton … married [for over 33 1/3 years] to his 1 & only Bride, father & Opa (still hard to believe, but oh what a joy :).

He lives currently on earth -  near (as he describes it) the ‘one traffic light megalopolis of Grafton’,Ohio - in the United States of America.

The “This Life” EP (from which the song “This Life” is culled) is his debut CD. He is currently working on a ‘full length’ CD anticipated (hopefully) by late 2019.

Udder info:

He likes to tell jokes and make up his own, but is oft told ‘don’t quit your day job’! [which has been over 400 months in the automotive industry].

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4 Faves:

 North by Northwest

 The Matrix (1st)

 The Princess Bride

 That Thing You Do


Upcoming/newz & contact me!

🎸 Markus of Grafton released his new single “My Hope” on May 9th of 2019.
The track features the most excellent vocal talent of Paul Cruz!

🎸 Markus of Grafton will be dropped his latest track on 7/11. It’s entitled “Humble Man”
and features the fantastic vocal work of Elissa Nawotniak.

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