What’s with this rescue thing? Are we in harms way?    Great questions, because…

Let’s face it, we’re not going to just abandon ship & get into a lifeboat unless we’re convinced we really need to!

Why a Rescue?

Is there more to life? Somewhere, deep down inside, have you sensed a nagging feeling that there has to be more to life than this? “Like a splinter in your mind”? Or a void in the soul, that, try as we may with all of our temporary & cherished “fixes”, doesn’t truly get filled (or supplied with lasting joy)? Do you feel that there is something wrong with this world (& it’s only getting worse?)

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The Rescue Plan

Deep down do you believe that there is something much greater than you and I out there?  You know what, you’re right; and it is God. But not just any god,  but  the Almighty God, the One that the Bible is written about, and in His Bible He tells us that… 

There’s definitely something seriously wrong….but there’s a serious fix!   

and No matter how crazy things get …….. We can truly have hope!

The Bible (the Word of God) informs us that you & I were created by God and built for a relationship with Him. We are meant to live our daily lives with Him and for Him.  [Please understand that I am not talking about religion here; we weren’t made to serve & find life in a set of rules & regulations. Although, God does want us to live righteously, but…the rescue doesn’t come via that.]

              It is through an encounter with the living Lord Jesus Christ ….                                                           
                                           He is our rescue!

 Got Roadblocks ?           

  One might think they need to first get their act together  THEN      
      call out for rescue…
               [but that’s like telling a corpse it must first get out of the casket &
                   fix its hair better!   it ain’t gonna happen, cuz…..
                   our deliverance is  beyond us!]                             
  Or we may wonder if God even exists
  And if so, we might think “He certainly doesn’t care for me”
  or that He isn’t relevant
   perhaps believe that “Even if He is aware of me, He’s probably    
         continually peeved at me!”  However,………..


But I declare to you that the opposite is true! He does exist, He cares deeply & loves you intensely! He tells us in His Word that:
- Jesus (our Rescuer) came to save us . . .  NOT condemn us! And that
- God voluntarily set in motion a plan to rescue us (which was very costly
    to Him)  because He  loves us!                         [Gospel of John 3:16-17]

And He did all of this (on our behalf) while we wouldn’t even give him the time of day!

So He wants us to come as we are…for He knows we (like that corpse) cannot change ourselves, & that it takes His free supernatural power to do so!  

“Jesus, overhearing, shot back, "Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? I'm here inviting the sin-sick, not the spiritually-fit."                  Gospel of Mark 2:17 Message version           

Free Access

Just like you cannot make a call if your cell phone has no network signal/connection; we cannot access what God has for us unless we establish connection on His channel. But if we do, then we can…YOU can:
      actually know Him personally (not just about Him)
      receive His rescue (relevant in this life & for after we leave this life)
     know His peace, love & necessary forgiveness which
                                    Fills the void in our souls &
                     gives us the reason to our earthly existence.

The Key

The key is to connect with Him on His rescue network (which He has made known in His Word – the Bible). And Jesus . . . is that KEY… the Door we walk through to make connection…. He is the Way.

He will literally make you into a new creation as He adopts you into His family!

He will transform you from the inside out.  Giving you a new life for your old one! Then provide you with the willingness & ability to make healthy, life giving choices (which honor Him & give you great lasting joy) ☺
       You can exchange:
                  your darkness for His light;
                  a life centered on self & dictated by sin…for a life of 
                        freedom that honors Him & brings you true life!

The Rescue Promise

So, reader, I ask you, maybe - just - maybe…(as I & many others have done), would you Call out to God today? Ask Him “Open my eyes Lord. If You are real...reveal Yourself to me. I need rescue.”  He promises that IF you seek Him with your whole heart.. you WILL find Him!                  [Jeremiah 29:13 ]

W h a t   d o   I   d o   n o w ?

Would you like to receive God’s salvation now ?

PS:  If you would like to read the many verses from the Bible that my above Rescue Info was derived from, please send your request in the ‘Contact us’ section! God bless you real good!

          Would you like to receive God’s salvation now ?  

How to receive God’s salvation now

The Bible uses a word that is not often used or real familiar today; the word is “repent.”  It’s a word that simply means to have a change of mind.  It’s as if you were heading some place and decided that you didn’t want to go there, so you turned around. 
 In terms of our relationship with God, it simply means that we want to turn from our life of separation from God to a life with God.
 In terms of our stubborn ways (sin), you simply acknowledge before God that you are sorry for who you’ve been and what you’ve done, and then make that “change of mind” that says to God, “Alright, I’ll stop doing my thing, and allow You to do your thing in my life.”  If you’re ready to make that decision now, I invite you to say this prayer.

A Prayer

“Lord Jesus, I’ve just read how You came to this earth to die for my sins and I want to thank You.   I humbly ask You now to forgive my sins.  I ask You Lord Jesus to help me, through the power of Your Spirit, to repent.  I ask You Lord Jesus to come into my life, be my Lord and my Savior.  Help me to make this big decision in my life, to change my mind.  Lord Jesus, I ask You to dissolve the separation between me and our Father in heaven.  I want to know and be with You and to serve You for the rest of my time here on earth.  Amen.”

Did you pray this prayer?


NO, I have a question

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